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Alan repairing a VCR.

Located just a half-mile south of Norwood's Surrey Square in Cincinnati, A-HI provides service sales, and rentals.

Come to us for your computer, TV, video, audio, and electronic service needs.

Alan H. Immerman, Proprietor

The Economics of Repair, or...
Where did our jobs go..?

       When we throw away an electronics product, it goes into a landfill and rusts. We then purchase new products, which are made more cheaply, and our money goes to Korea and China. An alternative is to have our older products repaired. A repair might cost as much or even more than a cheaper replacement, but often the older units are built better - more ruggedly constructed and able to be serviced. Dollars spent locally on repairing older products provide jobs here and now in Cincinnati, and our money stays in the U.S.A., instead of going to foreign lands.

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